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Dec 9, 2013 12:00am EST
minister , said that people are exempt from the tax. that is not true. will the deputy prime minister apologize and put the record straight? >> the honorable lady talks about standing up to better interests. this in the week that we discovered that the great courage of the later leadership -- of the labor leadership to stand up to the trade union -- >> order. this house should be the bastion of free speech. neither the deputy prime minister nor the learned lady must be shouted down. we will keep going with this session as long as it takes for proper order to be observed. the deputy prime minister. >> it should be the bastion of political parties free of vested interest. it is high time that the labor leadership do it they say and stand up to their trade unions. >> i suggest that he leave it up to us to leave it to our party members, especially as so many of them used to be his. given that for over 90% of people hit by the bedroom tax, there just is not a smaller property for them to move to. what would he have them do? >> under her government, for 13 years, housing benefits had people
Dec 8, 2013 9:30pm EST
of new york has proposed universal child care to be paid for by taxing the wealthy. okay, probably won't happen but it's on the agenda. someone's talking about it. eventually, eventually we are going to end up looking a little bit more like the rest of europe, like the rest of the industrialized world. >> host: i put a lot of faith into the slow gradual personal experience. he watched tv and to see a lot of guys taking care of their children within two or three years ago. it's on mainstream sitcoms. everyone has their own show with a guy with kids. it seems more normal. you're out of work and end up picking your kids up from school created a situation o that a lot of men these days. you slowly acclimate. slowly we acclimate. >> guest: all i'm saying is like in the corporation to see that you want on-site childcare we've always thought of that as a women's issue. it's not. it's a parents issue. when men to come out as parents we are going to say here's what i want. and of course women won't get it unless band supported to back. it's actually in the men's interest. that is a different ar
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)